Saturday, July 2, 2011

Writer's Block

How slack am I? I haven't done a writing task for a few weeks. I could use the common excuse: I'm busy. But, I know that when it comes down to writing, the Nike slogan says it all: just do it.

Back to the excuse: I am busy. And I really am. I'm out of the house for more than twelves hours each weekday, working and commuting. Work is really busy. I'm also finished a degree - I'm doing one subject at the moment, by correspondence. I also have to nurture my relationship with my husband, and give him the attention that he needs. Aren't all these proper excuses for not writing?

It's not like I haven't been writing - just not for pleasure. I've written a chapter in a legal handbook for young property lawyers. I've written affidavits, reports, audits, management strategies, and tonnes of emails! But none of this writing is for myself - it's all for someone else.

I know that if I make time, I can sit down and write. The words will flow. So 'writer's block' isn't an accurate description of my problem.

My mine problem: procrastination.

Why am I always reluctant to further my writing career? Why can't I do something that will benefit me? Why can't I achieve my ultimate goal? What am I scared of? Am I scared that I will succeed? Isn't success the point? So, what's holding me back?

If anyone can answer any of these questions, I'd love to know.

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