Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Engagement

A novel Australian Chloe Hooper, The Engagement is a psychological thriller that leaves you wondering. I chose to read it after seeing it on The First Tuesday Book Club.

I was annoyed by Liese, the main character, so much that I am not sure if I can past that and actually appreciate the story. I suppose by achieving that level of emotional response, Chloe Hooper may have achieved her result.
   Liese gets herself into the most ridiculous situation - she pretends that she's a prostitute and then agrees to have a weekend alone with her only client. She doesn't tell anyone where she's going. Needless to say, the weekend doesn't turn out to be what she expected.
   The book is fairly explicit. The main character is not described in terms of her facial features, but in terms of her body shape and curves - as a sexual figure.
   Rather than being shocked by the ending, it annoyed me as much as Liese herself annoyed me! It was left so open-ended that your imagination could take it whichever way you wanted, and imagining the future for both characters is an endless question.
   Having said that, it was fairly engaging - the pace was ok - but I was screaming at Liese the whole way through - her thought processes were just ridiculous. So, her character development was well done, in that respect.
   From the above, it's clear that I didn't enjoy my experience with The Engagement, but it has intrigued me abut this author ...

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