Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rule of 3 Blogfest #REN3

As part of my mission to keep myself writing, inspired, and also to challenge my writing, I have joined up to participate in the Rule of 3 Blogfest!

The rules are simple. We've been given a fictional location. Once a week we need to add to our tale, one character at a time, for three weeks. On the fourth week, the story culminates: the three characters' lives intersect, or not, into one last tale. Any genre, any time period.

So come back next Wednesday for the first instalment, and stay tuned for a whole exciting month of October!


  1. I keep thinking I have lots of time. But when I see you write "next Wednesday"! It really is that close! So exciting :-) October is going to be great :-))

  2. Can't wait!
    I'm working on my first post now. :)