Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doctor Zhivago

I feel like I have accomplished something massive. It did take me a while. I've read three-and-a-half other books whilst reading this. But, I finished Doctor Zhivago today - yes, the classic by Boris Pasternak.
   The first half was difficult. I flew through the second half.

   The language is beautiful. It must be absolutely amazing in its native language - I'm not sure how much was lost in translation.
   The history is captivating. The twists, and how the characters are linked together over the years, is very skilfully done.
   Yuri, the protagonist, is annoying. He's still loveable. This is a great love story. But it's a story of sacrifice and standing up for what you believe in.
   I am still absorbing it all. I definitely think that I need to read it again. I can't articulate how this book has made me feel. Like I said, I'm still absorbing.
   Please, please, please, if you haven't read it - READ IT!

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