Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Rule of Three: Part 3

Refresh your memory by re-reading Part 1 and Part 2 before delving into the third part below. Also, get acquainted with our hosts, and link through to other Rule of 3 Blogfest participants by clicking the button below.
   The main character's relationship is unravelling, this week, and I also have her laughing/snickering at the mayor's misfortune, although it hasn't really come to pass it is expected that the mayor's business will fail with the new arrival (543 words).


Sitting at her kitchen table in the fading evening light, Dr Adele Divine was spiralling down into a pit of her own thoughts.
   She was coming to terms with the realisation that she resented Renaissance, regretted her move here with her new husband, and was struggling against the constraint she felt closing like a fist around her throat.
   All the things she had at first loved about this town, now ground her to her bones. She couldn't quite admit to herself, yet, that it was the same with her husband. When she had first met him, he seemed so unique. His old-fashioned manners. His values and ideas. Now, it all seemed backwards.
   She shared a small medical centre here with another General Practitioner. She could admit that she would never be a partner in a practice anywhere else this quickly. Between them, they shared the entire population of 333 townspeople. The income was fine because the patients were regular and loyal, and there was no competition. The nearest emergency department, let alone full operational hospital, was nearly an hour's drive away. But where was the challenge? Dealing with old Thelma Hardy's psoriasis every fortnight, and hooking Edward Gladstone up to dialysis a couple of times a week for the rest of her life did not appeal.
   Initially, she had been intrigued by the town's history. She had spent weeks in the library before starting work, and discovered that gold had brought the first settlers to the area nearly 200 years ago. Renaissance was called Eaglevale in those days, and had been the site of a number of uprisings amongst the gold miners and the officials, who were corrupt and charging outrageous licence fees.
   Later, gold mining became coal mining under the Main Gauche and Minor Gauche. This was to be the beginning of the end of booming Eaglevale. Nearly all the men in the town worked in the mines. An explosion killed over half of them. The explosion ignited a coal seam fire which decimated the semi-tropical rainforest now referred to as the Culdees. The coal seam fire also released so much mercury into the local ecosystem that the remaining population who hadn't left after the death of their husbands, brothers and fathers, slowly died.
   After substantial decontamination, the ghost town was reestablished within the last 50 years as Renaissance. A small, closed community with new-comers having to meet certain ridiculous prerequisites. 
   Her husband had been born and raised here, though his family had since left.
   With a few exceptions, none of whom she could think of now, every person in this town was ridiculous. All headed by their ridiculous mayor who ran the local take-away food shop, and who maintained a wife and two girlfriends that everyone knew about.
   Adele gave a bitter chuckle, to think of what was about to become of the mayor's business now this international franchise was coming to town. The development that had divided the town, and caused such a stir over something so seemingly trivial.
   Sighing, she heard her husband's car pull into the driveway. He had been playing squash tonight. She pushed herself up from the table, flicked a light on and began the daily routine of preparing dinner for two.


  1. I like the addition of some back story :-)

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