Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Farewell to Arms

Another classic that I've read in the last couple of months is Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms.

I really enjoyed the writing in this novel. The narrator stuck to the rule that saying less says more, and the way that the dialogue was written was refreshing - banter between the men, the wit and sarcasm, and the humour that the characters use to cope.
   The story was very simple and touching (at some times in the middle even feeling a bit aimless), the relationships between the characters were well constructed - the relationship between the narrator, Lieutenant Henry, and his girlfriend Catherine Barkley, and similarly between the narrator and his soldier colleagues (both subordinates and fellow officers).
   I am still touched by this book, and still feel its essence, even though I finished it weeks ago. I could only ever aspire to write like Hemingway.

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  1. Currently reading and alternating between loving it (certain scenes and phrases and the love and attraction between Catherine and Henry and the setting of wartime etc) and frustration over the lack of detail and the aimlessness you mention seems to just meander and not clearly be heading anywhere or saying anything. Sticking with it though not entranced by it.